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16th IVRA Meeting Report - Bursa, Turkey

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The 16th International Veterinary Radiology Association meeting was held at Bursa, Turkey, 27-31 August, 2012, combined with the European Association and College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging annual meeting. 270 veterinarians from 35 countries attended, a considerable increase from the previous meeting, possibly due to it being a combined meeting and being held in the middle east for the first time. We had a wonderful opportunity to experience the hospitality, ancient culture and history and cuisine of Bursa and Turkey. We thank Deniz Seyrek Intas our host, and the members of the committees who worked so hard to make the meeting successful.


150 papers were presented, of which 70 were oral and 80 posters. Seven excellent keynote speakers skillfully reviewed a variety of topics. CE courses were held in conjunction with the meeting. 9 exhibitors and sponsors supported the meeting.


Darryl Biery (Philadelphia, USA) left the Board after having served as a Director 1982-1994, Treasurer 1994-2003, Vice President 2003-6, President 2006-9, and Past President 2009-12. We thank him for his long and devoted service. Peter Lord (Uppsala, Sweden) became Past President, Bernd Tellhelm (Giessen, Germany) became the new President, Robert Kirberger (Pretoria, South Africa) the new Vice President, and Hester McAllister (Dublin, Ireland) and John Pharr (Saskatoon, Canada) continue as the Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Ruth Dennis (UK) and Federica Rossi (Italy) were elected as Directors, replacing Frances Barr (UK) and Johann Lang (Switzerland). A new country, Thailand, is now represented by Naruepon Kampa. Three new standing committees were created: Conference, Constitution, and Communications. Our thanks to those who volunteered to serve on them.


Sue Dyson, of the Equine Orthopaedic Clinic of the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket England, was the recipient of the J. Kevin Kealy Award. This award, named in honor of Emeritus Professor J. Kevin Kealy (organizer of the first meeting of the IVRA, its first President, and an Honorary Member of IVRA) recognizes a member who has made substantial published scientific contributions to veterinary radiology.

Three Mike Bernstein Travel Fellowships were awarded to support attendance and presentation of a paper to veterinarians with a special interest in veterinary radiology and from countries where they have had little previous contact with others in veterinary radiology. It is reasoned that those awarded a Fellowship will take the knowledge gained from the IVRA Meeting and use it to foster the development of radiology in their own country. The fellowship recipients were: Agustina Anson Fernandez, Murcia, Spain; Ashwani Kumar, Punjab, India; and Lee Martin Koma, Trinidad and Tobago.

Two Educational Scholarships were awarded to provide veterinarians who do not have access to specialty training in Clinical Veterinary Radiology at their own institution with the opportunity of studying for a period of time in a clinical veterinary radiology training program. The IVRA expects that the knowledge and experience gained by the successful applicant will be applied at the Applicant’s faculty and used to improve its standards of clinical veterinary radiology. These scholarships were awarded to Vathsala Edirimanne from Sri Lanka, (supervisor, Nola Lester, Perth, Australia); and Mahmoud Abd El-Mageed from Sudan, (supervisor, Kerstin Gerlach, Leipzig, Germany).

The W Harker Rhodes Awards for the best oral and poster presentations given by a trainee or junior colleague were presented to Pascaline Pey from Ghent University, Belgium, and the best poster to Yasamin Vali, from University of Tehran, Iran.

Graeme Allan of Sydney, Australia and Darryl Biery of Philadelphia USA were elected to Honorary Membership of IVRA for their “outstanding contributions to the advancement of radiology.”

Next Meeting

The 17th (next) meeting will be held at Perth, Australia in 2015. Information will appear on the IVRA website which can be reached via a link on the sitemap of the ACVR website. Photos and the abstracts from the Bursa meeting will also be published there. All members of ACVR, Australasian, Brazilian, European, Japanese and South Korean AVDI are also members of IVRA, and are welcome to the next meeting.

Peter Lord, Past President, IVRA