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IVRA Privacy Policy

For your information:

What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that identifies you as an individual.

Who will process my personal data?

Personal data will be processed by the International Veterinary Radiology Association (IVRA) and associated veterinary organisations only. Your data will not be shared with third parties without your consent.

If you are a member of the EBVS, you may administer what data you would like to have publicly available on the EBVS website by logging in to respectively.

You may update any personal information kept by The International Veterinary Radiology Association at any time by contacting our administrators.

You also have the right to ask us to correct any inaccurate personal information we hold about you or to delete personal information by contacting the college administration, see our online form for details.

What is the purpose and legal basis for processing your personal data?


  • by the IVRA to administer your membership status, credentials, and all further information pertinent to maintenance of this association and its individual members. 
  • by the affiliate professional bodies such as colleges to ensure that you meet standards and are re-accredited, and may therefore fullfil their membership requirements.
  • by the IVRA to contact you for important information regarding your membership.
  • to communicate effectively with you by post, email and phone, including the distribution of relevant newsletters
  • to compile statistics and conduct surveys and research for internal and statutory reporting purposes. For these purposes, your data will be anonymised.
  • to deliver services to you.

We consider the processing of your personal information for these purposes to be either necessary for the performance of our obligations with you (e.g. to manage your specialist status), necessary for compliance with a legal obligation, or necessary for the performance of tasks we carry out in the public interest (e.g. non-statutory reporting or research). We require you to provide us with any information we reasonably ask for to enable us to administer your professional   status. If we require your consent for any specific use of your personal information, we will collect it at the appropriate time and you can withdraw this at any time. We will not use your personal information to carry out any wholly automated decision-making that affects you.

How will personal information be processed?

Your personal information is created, stored and transmitted securely in a variety of paper and electronic formats, including some databases that are shared between the IVRA and the professional bodies. Access to your personal information is limited to IVRA or your professional body/institute staff who have a legitimate interest in it for the purpose of carrying out their duties.

How long will personal information be stored?

Your data will be stored for as long as you are a member if IVRA. When you leave the association, or no longer require the services of the IVRA, you can opt to store only basic data (e.g. name and title). Data will be kept for 5 years after you have left the association. Financial information is subject to audit law.