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South American Virtual Radiology Rounds for Radiologists

South American

Virtual Radiology Rounds

for Radiologists

Sharing knowledge beyond borders

Dr Felipe Abreu, the IVRA director for Brazil and a radiologist at a private practice in Sao Paulo, instigated the above project in 2019. In general, the South American veterinary radiology training programs are not as well developed and structured as ACVR and ECVDI residency programs.

When visiting North American veterinary schools, he was moved by the utility of their morning rounds. Every morning everyone’s first duty was to sit down in a room and discuss the most interesting or challenging cases from the previous day based on the latest articles, personal experience and relating the image findings with the case history. Clinicians from other disciplines often joined the discussions. Radiologists improved individually and as a team, since the knowledge was shared among everyone. This resulted in the radiology team being able to give more accurate differentials and suggest better next steps to the benefit of the patient

IVRA Online Education Resources committee

As per a resolution passed at the 2018 IVRA meeting the above committee has been constituted and the IVRA members below have agreed to be on the committee.

The committee will start its work in earnest in March 2019 and we look forward to the results of this endeavor.

We hope that over time vast diagnostic imaging educational resources will become available, particularly to be of use for veterinarians with an interest in diagnostic imaging in developing countries.

  • Silke Hecht– committee chairperson USA
  • Kerstin von Pueckler GERMANY
  • Cathy Beck AUSTRALIA
  • Nic Hayward UNITED KINGDOM
  • Séamus Hoey IRELAND
  • Chee-Kin Lim USA
  • Ana Carolina Fonseca Pinto BRAZIL
  • Swan Specchi ITALY
  • Robert Kirberger - ex officio member of the committee and liaison person between committee and IVRA executive. SOUTH AFRICA

The ECVDI board recognises IVRA meeting attendance

Diploma holders of the ECVDI that are due to attend the ECVDI AGM (i.e. it will be their third year without attendance of the ECVDI AGM), an extra year will be permissible, provided that the diploma holder has written proof (in the form of a certificate or signed letter from the IVRA board) indicating that they have attended the IVRA meeting outside Europe. This will effectively mean that they must attend the ECVDI AGM in the fourth year, provided they have attended the IVRA meeting in their third year. Note that this will apply only every third year, and when the IVRA meeting is outside Europe. 

Reduced Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound journal subscription rates for IVRA members

The personal subscription prices for Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound for IVRA members are listed below. IVRA members can subscribe to the journal by visiting the journal subscription page and selecting the price option: “International Veterinary Radiology Association Member: Print + Online.” All IVRA members are eligible for this discount. journal.  







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